By: Chau Tang

Like most people, I’ve watched a lot of TV shows. Since I’m an only child, I didn’t have anyone to play or fight with growing up. I also didn’t have many friends so whenever I could, I’d watch TV shows. TV was my best friend at the time, mainly because they never disappointed me. Unless a TV series came to an end – that I could never get over. 

Every time I fall in love with a show, I also fall in love with the characters, their outfits and their makeup looks. I wanted to include their outfits and their makeup looks in my daily routine. For that, I went to YouTube. There was one YouTuber in particular I’ve grown fond of. She’s beautiful, talented, and seems like a kind and genuine human being. Her name is Jackie Wyers. 

She creates amazing content, content that I’ve been looking for my whole life. She’s recreated makeup, outfit and hair looks from TV characters such as Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell, Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars, and Allie Hampton from The Notebook. Her recreations are always spot on and it just amazes me. 

Of her recreations, I wanted to focus on Toni Topaz from Riverdale’s makeup look. 


The CW Riverdale’s Toni Topaz Makeup and Outfit

My Recreation 

I was tempted to purchase every single product she’s mentioned but I have a ton of makeup I still need to use. Most days, I don’t even wear makeup. I take care of my skin so much, it looks amazing. I prefer to have my skin breathe a bit but there are days I want to look glam and made up. I do have similar colors to recreate and I wanted to show you that you don’t have to buy the same colors, just similar enough to recreate it. Plus, I’ll be saving money. 


Primer is not necessary but it is a nice addition to make your skin look even better. Personally, I always use a primer before foundation. You can skip this step if you don’t use primer. I use the Dior Capture Dreamskin Care & Perfect Refill and it costs $128 for 1.6 oz. There are other primers that cost less and will get the job done but I love this a bit more. I used one drop and applied it on my face. My face felt so silky and smooth. This hydrates, blurs, and evens out your skin tone. It’s great for normal, dry, combination and oily skin. It’s also helpful for dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, dull and uneven texture. It has a nice, clean scent. 


I did actually purchase a new foundation because I wanted to splurge on myself. Even though I have three other foundations that I needed to use. This is a Christmas present for myself so that’s a great excuse. I purchased the Dior Airflash Spray Foundation. Yes, it did cost a pretty penny, $62 to be exact, plus I bought the Sephora PRO Airbrush #55 foundation brush. I’ve constantly heard great reviews for the foundation so I wanted to try it out myself. I did ask a Sephora employee to help me color match my foundation. I know there are people out there who are amazing at matching their own shade – I happen to not be one of them. 

For reference, my shade is 2 Warm (201), it’s great for people with light skin and warm yellow undertones. According to Sephora, this foundation is, “ultra-fluid and water resistance foundation.” This is a full coverage, lightweight formula and claims to have your skin looking perfect for up to 12 hours. I have never worn foundation longer than 9 hours but it did keep my foundation looking flawless for those 9 hours. It also makes your skin look radiant and is great for people with dry, combination, normal and oily skin. It does have light diffusing pigments, perhaps that’s why your skin looks flawless and radiant. 

I really like this foundation. It may cost a lot but it’s worth it, although it does require a shake before using it. When I applied it to my face with the foundation brush, it felt ice cold. The foundation was so cold, I thought snow was falling on my face. It was a nice cooling feeling though. I sprayed it twice on my brush then used it on my entire face. I started from the center of my face then worked outwards. I personally didn’t apply too much foundation because I like a natural look. When wearing the foundation, I didn’t look like I was wearing foundation. It just looked like my actual skin but more flawless. I was surprised so I wore it throughout the day. I wanted to see if it was crumbling around the nose area but it wasn’t. That’s a relief. 

Setting Powder 

The only setting powder I’d ever use again is the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Setting Powder in the shade Lavender. You’re probably thinking, “Lavender? For a setting powder? It’ll make your skin look too light!” Hear me out, you would think that but it doesn’t! It just brightens up your skin. You may use this on your under eyes but I use it all over my face. I really love to brighten up my face plus it smells heavenly. It smells like a beautiful vanila. I  use the Fenty Beauty Powder Puff Setting Brush in 170. It’s a beautiful pink brush and works wonderfully. 

Eyes, Baby 

For the eyes, I kept it simple. I lost the concealer I normally use before applying eyeshadow so I didn’t use any. I’m using Jeffree Star’s Mini Breaker eyeshadow palette. It’s one of the most pigmented palettes I’ve used so far. I’m using a dark purple on the lids named Purple Punch, a cotton candy pink shade named Bubble Gum in the crease. I used the Smashbox Cover Eye Shot Palettes in Softlights. I couldn’t find this palette so I think it’s discontinued. I did include a link of their other palettes in case you’re interested. In the Softlights palette, I used a light purple shimmer on the eyelid. 

Bronzer + Blush 

I am in love with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer in the shade Cappuccino. The shade is described as a deep golden brown. I applied a light hand with my brush and used it on my cheekbones, a little bit on my jaw and forehead. It looks natural and gives me a bit of color. For blush, I used the Dior Rouge Blush in Poison Matte-It’s a plum color that’s perfect for fall and winter. 


I used NYX lip liner in Burgundy 803 for the outer portions of my lips. I also used NYX butter gloss in Angel Food Cake on the inside of the outer portion of my lips and NYX butter gloss in Raspberry Tart for the center of my lips. The butter glosses smell like vanilla and it is heavenly. 

Setting Spray 

I love using the GlamGlow GlowSetter because it makes your makeup last all day, makes your skin glow and smells like a vanilla cupcake. The scent will fade throughout the day but I love the scent so I don’t mind. I have sensitive skin so this didn’t disrupt my skin texture. It’s great for normal, oily, combination and dry skin. 



Outfit Inspiration 

Toni Topaz’s outfits are edgy – that’s the best way I can describe her style. She wears blacks with a pop of color. I’ve compiled outfits I think are similar to Toni’s style. 

Top: Forever 21

Flannel: Hollister 

Green Jeans: Pacsun

Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: Zara 

Boots: Macy’s 

Chau Tang is a Beauty Columnist for Overachiever Magazine. She graduated from Cleveland State in May 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and a minor in Marketing. She loves to read about beauty, news, and political issues. Other than writing, she enjoys reading, watching Netflix, boxing, hiking, and photography. She wants to write about beauty, news, arts and entertainment and political issues. She also enjoys listening to podcasts about various topics like politics and true crime. A couple of fun facts: She was born and raised in Cleveland, can speak English, Vietnamese and a bit of Mandarin Chinese. She’s an only child and is an avid video gamer.

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