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Friends Listening

By: Chau Tang

Remember when you were younger and you received advice from those older than you? Also remember when some of us barely listened because we think the future seemed so far away? Well, now that we’re older, we seek self help podcasts or advice from people who are similar to us. We all have family but there are some topics we can’t really talk about to them. For instance, LGBTQ+ issues and advice but only if our families are supportive. As Asian Americans, we tend to feel like outsiders so we turn to other Asian Americans to see how they react to some things such as being the only Asian in class or how they react to Asian jokes. 


This podcast is super queer and I am here for it. BFF’s Kathy Tu and Tobin share their stories about being LGBTQ+, how they met and LGBTQ+ related content. In the first podcast episode, Hello, Hello, Kathy Tu came out to her mom but like most Asian mothers, she is not accepting. Kathy has come out to her mom over and over again but she wanted to make sure this time her mother understood. Not only does Kathy speak about her coming out experience but her mother is also involved in this podcast so we can hear what goes on inside her mom’s mind when Kathy said she’s queer. 

These podcasts make me feel as if I’m not alone. As an only child, I had no one to turn to for advice. Here is one of the informative and entertaining podcasts that make me feel as if I am conversing with a friend. These podcasts are great to listen on a car ride or whenever you have free time. Podcasts have become really popular and easily accessible. You can listen on ITunes, Spotify, and video podcasts on YouTube. 

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