Overachiever Magazine publishes issues twice per month, posts daily to social media, creates beautiful designs, and collaborates with Asian-owned brands and organizations. Today, we hear from some of the people who have made that possible.


Sinittha Spofford: Instagram Manager

When Rehana asked me to write this piece for OM’s one year anniversary I was automatically so excited. I believe Overachiever is going places and I absolutely loved being a part of it for a short time. What Overachiever means to me in inspiration. When contributing to Overachiever it made me realize what I want to do in college & my life. I was a part of the social media team, coming up with posts and ways to grow our engagement with our followers. I loved doing this and have since started college majoring in communication to get a career as a social media director in the future. I will forever be grateful for the spark that it started within me to follow my dreams. I can only imagine how other readers feel, when I first saw Overachiever I felt for the first time in a long time that it was really relating to me and how I feel as an Asian women in America & where I fit in this world. Overachiever is a wonderful place for Asian women to really feel they are heard. I can not wait to see what it has in store for the next year and many years after that. Great things are in store for Rehana and Overachiever. My heart will always be with this magazine.
Lhamo Gerhard: Web Designer

I‘ve never seen myself as an overachiever until in fact i‘ve worked for Overachiever Magazine. My friends were surprised how working at Overachiever Magazine would fit into my schedule with all that other stuff in there. Though I would like to say it more or less fit, it was more like less than I would have preferred. Thus my time at Overachiever Magazine was a short one, but one I am very grateful for. I have been given the opportunity to discover and connect with a network of strong female Asians, I felt understood and empowered. I got back in touch with a part of me that I have suppressed for a long time. I recognized that as a half Asian, I am still in fact Asian. Sharing and validating our experiences, being supported every step of the way of this journey we all are going through, was like a high that I never wanted to get down from.

Overachiever Magazine was the catalyst for me to completely accept that I can no longer separate European and Asian me by countries and had to stop trying either living one or the other, always feeling split, like something is missing – craving the other part of me. It was so empowering, allowing myself not having to adapt to a culture around me that is not fully mine. All of this, just from meeting this bunch of amazing women. It was and still is inspiring.

Through my time at Overachiever Magazine I have learned how important it is to uplift each other and wanted to continue working in an empowering environment for marginalized groups. Now together with other queer people of color I established the first group of this kind in my city in Europe. We are doing amazing community work and I am so thankful to have this positive and safe space right where I live. And I would not have it without Overachiever Magazine.
But this world is far bigger than my little happy place and representation matters. So I will continue to strive helping to diversify the media landscape. Though this world is still scary and adversity still has to be fought, I now know that there is a support system out there for everyone, there are sisters just waiting to embrace you – and we are powerful.

You, Overachiever Magazine, helped me find my voice. Being recognized as a female Asian creative, gave me a confidence and a purpose I was afraid to voice before. There is still a long way to go for me and for the work we all do, but I am so thankful that on that way, we have crossed paths.

Thank you all.

Francine Canayan: Managing Editor
Although I have only been working at Overachiever Magazine for a little over three months, I am confident in saying that I would not trade this experience for anything in the world. It has been an absolute dream working with like minded individuals that care so deeply about the many different issues that affect asian women all around the world. I truly believe that Overachiever Magazine is a publication that stands out from the rest as it continuously strives to present all Asian women in equal lights and has the desire to continuously learn about issues that affect Asian women without any prejudices. I am so proud to be a member of this team and to call myself an Overachiever.
Camilla Bjorner: Social Media Manager
Overachiever has been in my life for a long time. In a lot of ways overachiever has literally made me who I am today (this is not a dramatic over-exaggeration). One of the first steps in becoming CXCX was believing in myself. Having faith in not only the process, but in the community and in the support that I would be able to get down the line. For CXCX as an Asian woman this seemed like a big challenge in the beginning. My dream even seemed futile at times. But with Overachiever – not only the magazine but the women that amazing girls on the team that I was working with – I started getting a kind of support and understanding in my life that I had never been met with before. A big part of the reason for that being that I had grown up in a highly homogenous, Northern European country. It was mind-boggling to me that these young women, because they were Asian American, or of Asian descent growing up in Europe, were able to relate to my experiences better than anyone I had had in my life before that. More so, they were able to articulate their experiences demand their rights. As well as realize and call out the discrimination they had been through. This was truly a breakthrough for me. It motivated me and it allowed me to know my truth. The truth that as cliché as it sounds set me free, and gave me the tools to go out there and demand even more. I have Rehana the editor to thank, she is a girl that I have the biggest respect for and mile high believes in. I was actually the one that reached out to her about working for the mag (as opposed to being a feature writer at the time). This was when I first discovered the magazine’s Instagram a year ago when Re dm’d me. Back then it had about I want to say 100-200 followers. I saw a huge potential, both market-wise, but also I saw the importance of the existence of such a magazine. If we did it the right way, and we adapted the publication to be functional, to be modern, and to be what the girls need and the women need from us, then this might just be the best thing I had yet discovered…
Maryanne Zamora: Cover Designer

When I met Rehana Paul, the inspirational Editor In Chief and Founder of Overachiever Magazine, and got to know the amazing Asian women that made up the foundation of this exciting and radical new publication, I knew that I was in for a real opportunity to make a positive impact in the world. Asian women rarely get the chance to have our voices heard in mainstream society and are deprived of opportunities to tell our stories beyond the usual racist and sexist tropes. With Overachiever Magazine here at last, Asian women of diverse backgrounds now have a platform to express themselves authentically, boldly, and passionately. This time we get to introduce our points of view to the world on our own terms, stereotypes be damned.

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