Nearly twenty people wrote for the first issue. Below, a few reflect on what it was like to write for the first issue of the first magazine for all Asian women.


Olivia Wong –

When I first received the direct message at 12:10 am, I have to admit, it looked more like a scam than anything. But when I moved to delete the message, the words “Contribute to our magazine” caught my eye. Curious, I moved to do the absolute minimum requirement that counted as ‘research’ (which meant just checking the profile), and I was sold. I responded to the message, and soon enough I was given an email address to contact. 

Fast forward a couple of emails, and soon enough I was set with a topic and a deadline. As a person whose only experience in writing was school essays, this was an exciting adventure for me. I had the chance to share my viewpoint to the world as an Asian American girl living in Asia. I would spend my heart and soul on this project, and I was thrilled for the challenge. 

Now I can think back to my first article and I can say for sure, I wouldn’t read it. I don’t have the strength to even look at it.  In the months passing after writing the first article, I had a mixed bag of emotions. At first, I would’ve considered it my best piece of work, but now I could feel chills just thinking about its odd colloquiums and how it was essentially an argumentative essay. But I couldn’t deny the joy and pride I felt, pouring my heart into those paragraphs. The sheer excitement I felt, seeing my words on an actual magazine. I think the high of showing my work to a small section of the word is what pushed me to write a second article for Overachiever. 

I won’t go into the nitty-gritty details, but that second article beat me into a pulp as much as I did to it. Mid-term finals were approaching, stress levels were high, and I crammed as much work into it as I could in a short time frame. It wasn’t anything revolutionary, but I will admit, it was much easier on the eyes than my first article. And oddly enough, I’m pretty content with that. 

I used to beat myself up for not doing better, not picking better topics, not being a better writer. But writing this now, I have to say I’m glad my first two articles flopped in my eyes. Maybe this one will as well. I don’t have the experience to say if it does or not. I’m barely halfway through high school, I still have so much to learn. But writing with Overachiever Magazine opened my eyes in no way the American education system could ever. They pushed me into a world full of trial and error, where you will make mistakes, have horrible articles but you will still always have a chance to try again. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve written for Overachiever. But after standing on the sidelines, watching how this organization has flourished into a thriving community, I’ve never been prouder to have contributed in what minimal way I have. 

This recap of my experience is a very confusing thank you note to the Overachiever Magazine. For reaching out to me. Coming back time and time again with new opportunities I would be too scared to seek out for myself. And after an amazing year, I have to say, I’m so glad this was never a scam to begin with.


Michelle Lee –

When I first heard about OM, I was delighted! Finally, a magazine run by, and one that put Asian women in the spotlight. It was empowering and insightful, and I’ll never forget the rush of pride and excitement I felt when I saw my article among all the others on the website. It’s always so stunning and jarring to see the growth that this magazine has made through the year. It always makes me happy to see a post from them on my Instagram or tumblr feed, and I think it’s so important that this exists. Thank you to everyone who’s contributed, and especially the team behind it!

Virginia Duan –

I was so honored to appear in the first two issues of Overachiever Magazine. Because of OM, I further realized I could write about entertainment – and in particular, my favorite band, BTS. I am grateful for the platform to explore and expand my voice. I love how OM has morphed – both in its aesthetic as well as covered topics. Happy One Year!! I wish many more years of Asian women speaking out in freedom and joy.
– Virginia Duan, freelance writer at
Supriya Rao –
It was my first time writing in for a magazine ever and I was as scared as ever to ask a question to the editor. I wasn’t sure of any process and then rehana was there to help me out with it so graciously. I don’t think without her motivation and kind words I would’ve written this article for the over achievers magazine. And their growth ever since has been so sky rocketing. I lovee how much they cover about current issues of the country and what Asian people face all over the world. There’s always so much to learn in every platform. Thank you so kuch for giving me an opportunity and I really appreciate all the hard work the team has put in. Much love!
Jessie Jiang –
Contributing and writing for Overachiever Magazine one year ago was an important turning point for me: noticing that there was finally platforms that aimed to support, promote and champion women of Asian heritage and origins. This is so important for us as our cultural heritage and history denotes significant silencing and oppression. It inspired and enabled me to look further into Asian representation and and identity. Thank you for having me for the very first issue, and I hope to contribute even more throughout my days as an Asian female artist.

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