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The Street Harassment Issue

Asian culture is rich, diverse, and beautiful. From our food, to our clothes, to our traditions, to our religions, to our holidays, we have a lot to take pride in. But we must also acknowledge the negative parts of our culture: namely, blatant misogyny, which has come up through the ages to include street harassment. In this issue, which we put out with the woman behind the popular Instagram account @catcallsofldn, Farah Benis, our writers share their experiences.


From Natasha Sriraman’s poignant essay on teaching your children better, to Madina Tuleshova’s objective look at the toxic aspects of Central Asian culture, to Sydney Tsai’s analysis of the impacts of microaggressions, this issue is thought-provoking, touching, and above all, alarmingly relatable.


Thank you to our writers, the staff at Overachiever Magazine, and our cover star, Farah Benis.

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