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The Beauty Issue

How many of you have never seen anyone who looks like you in a cosmetics advertisement? The lucky ones of us who have seen an Asian woman in an advertisement, immediately recognized the token Asian.

Not to mention the struggle to find shades of makeup that match your skin. The saleswoman gets increasingly flustered as she swatches seven shades of orange foundation on your neck. Nothing matches. You leave the store feeling as though you should be angry about this, but it has happened too many times to matter.

The founder of Orcé Cosmetics, Yu-Chen Shih feels the same way. That’s why she started the first American cosmetics line for Asian women. From their shades with the golden undertones that finally, finally match our skin, to all-Asian female models, Orcé Cosmetics is changing the cosmetics game for Asian women. This issue was made possible by them: my thanks to Yu-Chen Shih for sharing your story with us, covering this issue, to the Orcé Cosmetics team for being such a pleasure to work with, and to the company as a whole for bringing the representation Asian women have looked for for years.

The team at Overachiever Magazine, our talented writers, and Orcé Cosmetics have worked together to make a great issue.

Rehana Paul

Editor-in-Chief and Founder

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