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The Entrepreneurship Issue

Entrepreneurship is not always easy. It is not always smooth sailing. It is definitely not only fun.

In this issue, we applaud the people who do it anyways.

One particularly inspiring entrepreneur is our cover star, Mona Zhang, the CEO and founder of Bra Theory. Her journey from Princeton to coding to being a CEO is full of unexpected twists: we were lucky enough to get the chance to talk with her in an exclusive interview out now.

We also debuted a new category in this issue: Career Wise. Developed for the dual purpose of spotlighting Asian women in every career and for giving girls role models who looked like them and came from the same place as them, we feature Yin Woon Rani and Pavita Singh in this issue.

Thank you to Mona Zhang for the conversation, Pavita Singh and Yin Woon Rani for your time and encouragement, and the Overachiever Magazine for all of your hard work.

We have a great issue for you.

Rehana Paul

Editor-in-Chief and Founder

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