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Interview with Diana Lin

Diana Lin is a Chinese actress living in Australia. In this exclusive interview with Overachiever Magazine, she talks about starring alongside Awkwafina in her new movie, The Farewell.


1. What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

I think that finding happiness and peace is my greatest accomplishment.

2. What do you think of the current state of Asian representation in the entertainment industry?

I think that we are doing much better, but we have a long way to go. It’s important to celebrate the little victories, though.

3. Who are some Asian actresses we should have on our radar?

Awkwafina? My on-screen daughter! Laughs

4. Do you think there is a stigma around the arts in the Asian community?

Yes, but I think it comes from our parents believing that careers in the arts are not successful ones, and from them just wanting the best for us. And they think the best for us is being a doctor, or engineer.

5. How do you stay in touch with your heritage?

Most of my extended family is in China, so I stay in touch with my heritage through them.

6. What is your go-to coffee order?

I rarely drink coffee, but when I do, I drink cappuccinos.

7. What do you consider the biggest problem facing Asian women to be?

Try to understand your own culture more and be proud of who you are!


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