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The Cultural Appropriation in Fashion Issue

By February 13, 2019 10 Comments

Asian culture dates back millennia. From our food to our manners to our art, every aspect of our culture has meaning behind it: perhaps nowhere as much as our fashion. Thousands of years of history, tradition, and culture are contained in our national dress.

And every single day, fashion brands in the west fetishize, sexualize, and aestheticize Asian culture. It is almost unbelievable, the amount of ignorance and disrespect.

In this issue, we break down the difference between appropriation and appreciation, give examples of each, and share how our culture has been pulled from us, shortened, tightened, put on a white model, and sold.

If we are quiet, we are complicit. And I have seen time again that Asian women are anything but that.

Our contributors and staff have put together a really great issue. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Rehana Paul, editor-in-chief


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