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Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, India:

(Rohit Bal’s new collection debuting on the runway)

Currently Indian artists and analysts alike are rejoicing in the magic that is Lakme Fashion week in Mumbai, India. Designers from all provinces and all walks of life are showcasing styles that adhere to the central culture of Indian beauty, but abstractly represent new values in a Modern India. The expression of artists like Rohit Bal, showcasing Kashmiri styles with Kashmiri women and demonstrating beauty shines in every bouquet of strong women. His collection “Guldastah,” is special to him, “It’s a simple explanation. I come from Kashmir. I am a Kashmiri, I know what’s happening in the state. I grew up in a free Kashmir and unfortunately now it’s a warzone.” He says during his interview to IANS.

Indian Supreme Court Rules Sex With a Child Bride is Rape:

This past Wednesday, the Indian Supreme Court overturned a previous historical ruling that allowed child sex with a bride as young as 15 years old. In a nation where 47% of girls are married as young as 18 years old, this decision redefines women’s rights. “The judgment is a step forward in protecting girls from abuse and exploitation, irrespective of their marital status,” spoke Divya Srinivasan of gender-equality group Equality Now.

India is riddled by lax laws that allow perpetrators of sexual assault to escape the system unscathed, now however these criminals have an institution to be afraid of, and although India has a long way to go, this decision shows the world that major nations are in support of victims of sexual assault.

Murder of Chinese customer in Brooklyn:

Fufai Pun, a chef at a Brooklyn Restaurant was brutally assaulted and killed in a string of attacks commit by a white supremacist, Arthur Martunovich. His weapon of choice was a hammer and his brutality is still under deliberation as to the intention of his crime. He also attacked the police who arrested him.

This act should not be ignored, the current climate has enabled many white supremacists and others who target and attack minority communities.

This is Fufai Pun, remember his name.

Period Con!

Period Con 2019 was a smashing success! Seeing more than double the crowd from the first convention, this occasion celebrated education and a new chapter of period cons legacy, enacting period policy. As Nadya teaches in her book, period poverty, or the inaccess to menstrual products due to socio-economic challenges and disadvantaging period policy. The world will shake due to the hard work of these trailblazers that were present at the event!

Stay tuned for a special report on the event by the experiences of our very own team members who attended!

Lunar Scope!

In this next week we will welcome the Chinese New Year!

So we decided to do something special and share information about the year ahead:

2019 Welcomes the Year of the pig,

This year will be marked by great fortune and and wealth! In terms of Yin and Yang, the pig carries the energy of yin, another symbol of prosperity.

The story of the emergence of the Pig as the twelfth animal of the zodiac has been told for many generations and has taken many forms. The most popular tale is that of the Jade Emperor’s party, through which the order was to be decided. The Pig, in its mischief and folly, arrived latest to the gathering, and was thus pushed to the end of the zodiac cycle.

The team at Overachiever magazine welcomes you into the Chinese New Year with the best of wishes!

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