“Yellow” By Katherine Wong

When I was younger


As my legs grew taller and stronger and my mind grew weaker


I hated my skin color


It was a muted sulfur tainted with fever


That caused my knees to buckle, my hands to shake


My neck to bead with sweat


Because it was just that repulsive and sickening


My eyes were empty black holes

And while everyone else had eyes of ocean waves

Or forest canopies with curtains of saturated green

My eyes were small slits of dark matter


Through traumatic fights and drama I learned about self love

After being stuck in the dark tunnel, I could finally see the end

Where light shone in buttery sun rays

Sharply contrasting from the black to the yellow

Like eyes to skin


Color is meaningless, yet it is also what gives us definition

With maturing came a flushing of new hues

Things were no longer black and white But instead a variety of shades and tints

Upon peering at my reflection in the mirror I no longer saw a broken girl that needed fixing

But instead

A young woman radiating with the sun’s amber energy


A newly lit fire sits within me

Fueled with passion and a goal

I am yellow

Sweet honey that drips from my lips in thick clumps

Golden with resonance and power

The same power that my words speak

Where I pour my emotion into

Because I am proud


I am yellow

Like the ripe fruit that stems from banana trees

Sheaths of blonde that scream from the top of their lungs

It is my shield and my weapon


I am yellow

Dandelions that poke out from within the garden

As stubborn weeds

Tufts of gold that sit unbothered among the green

And no matter how many times you pull it out, more will grow back

Resilient and headstrong

Because I am not going anywhere


I am yellow

Sharply contrasting, eyes to skin

The slits of dark matter dotted with stars and galaxies And a story


“Identity” by Sang Ji



Who is, me.





Star sign.

Tongue sign.

Skin color.




I could go on, for so much I am made of;

and yet as noteworthy, is the unspoken for.


What vibes are made of…


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