The Week in Review: January 26-February 1


Movie To Look Out For:

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

This new Bollywood movie, starring Father-Daughter duo Sonam Kapoor-Ahuja

And Anil Kapoor, this is a classic Bollywood movie with an unorthodox twist. Sonam Kapoor, playing a Sikh Punjabi daughter, whose family is is on the prowl for her suitor, is playing as someone from the LGBTQIA+ community. This is MAJOR in Bollywood considering there hasn’t been strong non-sexualized representation of Lesbian identifying women in bollywood. The trailer itself is a masterpiece, portraying the movie at first as a run-of the mill bollywood love story, with quirky cliches and the ideal man archetype, played by Rajkumar Rao. Soon though, twists and turns hint at a subtext that directly challenges the status quo of bollywood as it stands. Check out the trailer:


The movie comes out February 1, 2019

Whats New On the Music Scene?

Bighit and JYP’s new groups!

This past week was nothing less than promising for K-Pop with two new groups expecting to Debut in full swing! The first of these to be announced is TXT, Bighit’s new promising Boy-Group featuring five new members who have been through their trainee days and are set and excited to debut! Their intro teasers cleverly hint at their first debut concept, “DREAMING,” as spelled out by the morse code at the end of each video. Additionally, many of them have undergone survival shows and back-up dancing for major groups. If the name BigHit sounds familiar, you might know of their worldwide famous Boy-Group BTS which set the standard for the company’s ideals from artists. Treat them well though, these boys are debuting with their own concepts and dreams, and given their posting on the new twitter, @TxT_twt_, they are eager to debut and impress their already booming fan base!


(Members Left to right: Huening Kai, Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun)

The next group about to debut is JYP’s new Girl Group, ITZY. This group consists of five extremely talented and hardworking women, a few of which fans recognize from music survival shows where they proved their merit to debut under a Big Three company. For those not familiar, the “big three” in K-Pop are entertainment companies that essentially direct the music industry and have a strong presence reinforced by their even more impressive talent. Their teaser videos show a phrase linked to their theme, “Everything you want IT’Z in us. ITZY? ITZY!” Their debut already looks promising as their theme and colors have been praised by social media services and blooming fans! Their music can be described as more R&B and Soul, given the music that fits best with their debut company and demo tracks listened to by producers. Seeing Girl-Groups debut with so much support is exciting and reassuring so that women of K-Pop can solidify their representation and support one another in an industry that is also muddled by Patriarchal influence and Systems that make it harder for them to succeed.

(Members left to right: Hwang Ye Ji, Choi JiSu, Shin RyuJin, Lee ChaeRyeong, Shin Yuna)


What Women Can DO

This Past weekend went down in history as women marched for equal rights, keeping families together, equal access to healthcare, and so many more stories motivated by issues all women face. The Women’s march has been nothing less than controversial with the leadership being accused of tolerating anti-semitism, and although they have condemned it, it is still to an extent inexcusable. However, it is important to isolate this movement, which takes place worldwide and is led by 5 Million women, from a board that takes a small part of the organizing of the event itself. At this march, there were contingents of Youth, Muslim Women, Trans Women and Femmes, Jewish Women, and many male allies. Speeches led by Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, and many women who passionately fight for equality left people in shambles and motivation. The march stirred much misogynistic and ignorant rhetoric, which isn’t hard to find when you look at the comments under posts of the event. However to this I say, Prosper, don’t waste time replying cause you can’t change anyone, what you can do though is change a system. When he led activists down Washington, MLK was considered one of FBI’s most dangerous, Bhagat Singh, Indian revolutionary was considered a terrorist, Authors on the backdrops of freedom where considered lazy and idealistic, but they continued and prospered. The only danger they presented was to the system that worked against them from the moment they started breathing. So my women, femmes, LGBTQIA+ community and male allies, I again tell you to Prosper, the best way to fix a system is by making those who doubt us and our generation eat their words as we are the leaders of change.

Call for Menstrual Equity!

This weekend marks the beginning of Period Con 2019! Period con is a convention started by the Period Movement NGO founded by Nadya Okamoto. This years line up for speakers includes Carinne Chamber, CEO and Co-Founder of Diva International Inc, Lynn Seely, President and CEO of Myovant Sciences and many more, including, hopefully Nadya herself! This movement is extremely important as it correctly displays menstrual equity at the same level as gender equality. Period Con is about what is truly “gross” about Menstruation, not the blood and cramps (which are natural and a part of life that you should never be ashamed of), but the industry and legislation which prevents women, especially of low socio-economic status and those of color, from directly accessing their essential Menstrual products. Overachiever staffers Joyce Jiang and Eesha Randhawa (Artistic Director and Cultural Correspondent, respectively) took over the OM Instagram story to cover speeches, workshops, and get exclusive takes.

Oeuvre Achiever: Nadya Okamoto

Nadya Okamoto is the founder of PERIOD and a current student at Harvard University. Currently this Queen is taking a break from school to focus on her NGO work and mobilizing women and girls everywhere to fight for their rights! She founded PERIOD at the age of 16, now she works alongside her team at period to organize events such as Period Con and advocate across the country. Wish to know more about PERIOD and the Menstrual industry? Go ahead and grab her book, Period Power: A Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement. She also advocates for affordable housing, education equity, workers rights and civil liberties (among many other progressive movements)

Lunar Horoscopes:

January 26, 2019:

Dos: Bathing Before religious rites- Start your day with a prayer or a deep look into yourself and your goals, but before that settle into a bath and allow yourself the chance to calmly prepare yourself for a surge of positivity and empowerment!

DON’Ts: Wedding- Save the Date…. For later though. Love is in the air but you might wanna hold your breath for today!

January 27, 2019:

DOs: Hanging Plaques, curtains, and installing a bed- Today, devote your energy to the home. Hang a plaque commemorating achievements or to memorialize yourself. Instal a bed to centralize your comfort and hang curtains so you can wake up and let the sun in on your own terms!

DON’Ts: Doing business- Certain transactions can wait for a more auspicious time, maybe allow yourself diversion from the world of business particulars, at least for the next 24 hours

January 28, 2019

DOs: housecleaning; worshipping gods or ancestors; avoiding doing anything else- Today is another day on focusing yourself on what comforts you and correcting your energy, and honestly, you earned it!

DON’Ts: avoiding doing anything- As cryptic as it sounds, the month is coming to an end and you really should just focus on the DOs and get them out of the way to happily welcome a new period into your life!

January 29, 2019

DOs: making wedding dress or grave clothes; marriage proposal- Save the date.. For real this time. Gather up your energy and pop the question! What’s stopping you other than fear!

DON’Ts: installing a cooking stove- If this was a priority for today, then go ahead and push it off. Anyways, you owe your special someone a dinner out to celebrate your engagement, or you can treat yourself in case things don’t work out.

January 30, 2019

DOs: traveling; visiting relatives/friends- Got an uncle or aunt that left you with fond memories, or do you owe your parent a visit home? Well today’s the day! Surprise them by bringing them memoirs or gifts from your growth!

DON’Ts: moving into a new house- Go ahead and reschedule your moving truck and keep your boxes at home, instead give yourself a break from moving plans and appreciate some memories or imagine a new future!


January 31, 2019

DOs: paving roads; repairing a wall; avoiding doing anything else- Todays about building new paths and re-establishing boundaries, Give yourself some more room to grow or find something to look forward to!

DON’Ts: consecrating Buddhist statues-  Fun Fact! Buddhist Monks usually wait for an auspicious day to perform a ceremony to consecrate statues, then on the day chosen, the statue is prepared with great dignity and respect! Today may not be the day to do so though, but you can instead enjoy this new wisdom bestowed unto you.

February 1, 2019

DOs: consecrating Buddhist statues; erecting a pillar; first dig of a building- Today is not only an Auspicious Buddhist day, it is also an auspicious day for building anything to commemorate new chapters of your life!

DON’Ts: seeing a doctor- Today is  not the day for that routine check up, instead I recommend some light reading of Period Power by Nadya Okamoto, so you can gear up any questions to ask your doctor or general care practitioner for that appoint that you didn’t schedule for today.

February 2, 2019

DOs: encoffining; erecting a tombstone/monument; first dig of a tomb- Although it may sound bleak, these activities may also stand for putting some parts of your life to their end. Holding on to remainders of a past relationship or goals that you find no intrinsic value in fulfilling? Go ahead and lay those to rest and allow yourself a reflection of these events and how they made you a better person!

DON’Ts: installing the girder- If you were planning on laying a frame for a doorway or bridge, the energy of today suggests otherwise. Instead treat yourself to other, less manually demanding activities.


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