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The Big Day: The International Wedding Series


Sabyasachi, an Indian Fashion Designer, starts a new campaign, “The International Wedding Series,” wherein the artist explores and cultivates different aspects of traditional Indian Clothing and Designer Wedding Wear across different cultures.

The Campaign started with the wedding of Sonita Kumarie Lal, who is of Indian and American heritage was designed by Sabyasachi himself, this campaign celebrates different aspects of Indian culture and the pride in it shown by the lucky couple! The best part of this campaign is that Sabyasachi catches the diversity within the prospect of Indian people. Too many times are people of Indian heritage ignored because they do not “look Indian.”

Monumental Legislation: “Protecting Girls’ Access to Education in Vulnerable Settings” act, which was proposed to ensure refugee’s access to primary and secondary education, was passed in the US Congress! Refugee children escape situations wherein their education at home is without a doubt disturbed, may it be the tearing down of their schools, or government monitored and sanctioned curriculum, but especially, discouragement of young girls from receiving an education. Moves like this show the world that refugee children are valued and it is most important for the young girls who would not otherwise receive any sort of education.

Spark of Joy and Diversity: Marie Kondo and the deliberate racism and misinterpretation of Asian Success

Recently, an article published on bustle discussed the egregious misinterpretation of Marie Kondo’s work and beliefs in the name of devaluing her work.

Ellen Oh, a Korean author raised in Japan, raised her views on the matter, “Ever since I saw the backlash against Marie Kondo come out, I’ve been really bothered by what I thought of as deliberate misinterpretations. At first I was attributing it to the difference in cultures, especially the lack of nuance toward how things can be translated. Asian languages are so different from English. Sometimes things don’t translate well.” She tells bustle that she actually believes the misinterpretation is entirely deliberate.

She also stated on her twitter, “I’m tired of white people deliberately misstating the sentiments of an Asian woman for funny memes and tweets.”

It seems like when Asian women, especially those who are educating on their culture, get a chance on the world stage there will always be criticism from those who refuse to understand the languages and customs that other cultures bring. Most of the attacks on the show are displaying racism and calling a woman of color a monster.

Read the Article here:


Vegan Pho: The appropriation of Vietnamese Culture

In two thousand thirteen, couple Stephan and Julliette Wall attempted to trademark the name “Pho,” claiming it under their restaurant and requesting that smaller Vietnamese restaurants abstain from the usage of the popular vietnamese noodle’s name. Now they have come back again, with even more blatant ignorance, in their “vegan Pho.” Critics claim that these restaurant owners are demonstrating cultural appropriation as the owners do not care which aspects of the culture they translate to food, even though they claim to be authentic. The extent to which many white owned restaurants forget that food is a catalyst to culture, and the misrepresentation of it in the name of authenticity takes away the elements of the food that make it actually authentic.

They have since removed the advertisement from Instagram.


Oeuvre Achiever: Deja Foxx

This Weeks Oeuvre Achiever is Deja Foxx, an activist based in New York. She has spoken on issues regarding homeless students, sex education, and has been featured on interviews by CNN and her articles have been featured on Teen Vogue as well.

Lunar Horoscopes!

January 16:

DOs- “Do any worshiping gods and ancestors” devote this day to spirituality, and if it’s not your thing, then go ahead and reflect on what empowers you!

DON’Ts- “first dig of a building” keep away from doing new things, especially if those new things involve a shovel and prospects to build a new Burj Khalifa.

January 17:

DOs- “Housecleaning” go ahead and find what sparks joy for you and tidy up KonMari style!

DON’Ts- “traveling” sit back and relax today, make plans for yourself where your most yourself, after all “home is where the heart is!”

January 18:

DOs- “Learning Crafts” DIY Time! Master a new type of artistic skill! Maybe Pinterest will finally come in handy…

DON’Ts-  “Opening a business” might wanna hold back on the entrepreneurship for at least 24 hours, just to be sure.

January 19:

DOs- “Visiting relatives and friends” take some time to catch up with an old flame or just someone you can’t go a day without talking to!

DONTs- “Seeing a Doctor” Hold off on making appointments, unless you know for sure something is wrong!

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