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The Week In Review January 5-12


Your weekly fix of what’s brewing in the culture. We’ve rounded up our favorite events in pop-culture and entertainment of the past week, especially for you – enjoy!




The devastating death of a Vietnamese nail salon worker

UPDATE: horrifying footage released

Awkwafina pledges 100% of her music proceeds to BuildingBeats

Happy new year from Overachiever!


MAKING A SCENE – Music news of the week


In light of the recent holidays, let’s talk retrospective superlatives. Who made the biggest scene in 2018? Was it the Dolce&Gabbana scandal or perhaps the Miss USA mishap? Or was it in fact, really, one of the earliest events this year, involving a famous youtuber? If you’re having trouble choosing, take a look at what we think the most important events of this past year.


BEAUTY BOSS – Reshaping perspectives


This week, we are HIGHLIGHTING Janelle, an absolute dream of a power woman, self-lover slas activist. When she was younger, she decided to stop shaving or plucking her eyebrows altogether, and she says that she has never felt as “empowered and beautiful” as she’s been after that decision! Janelle aka. Filipinogrdma on Instagram urges girls to let their bodies be in their natural states, and hopes to inspire young girls growing up by setting an example. You go girl, we at Overachiever support you 100%!


See more amazing, Asian beauties in our Model Minority section!




Katie So is out œuvre achiever this week! The talented draw smith creates posters, illustrations and comics which are featured in magazines, and on sale through her website! Katie is from Vancouver BC, and currently also works as a brilliant tattoo artist in the city!


Send us your suggestions and stories – send suggestions, stories and opinions to Overachiever’s inbox at subject ‘Week in Review – suggestion/opinion’. Let us know what to write about, what you like and don’t like – the best contributions will be featured on our instagram page: @overachievermagazine for people to vote on!


THE LUNAR ‘SCOPE – Your golden-red horoscope!!

First week of the cesarean year edition!


(Disclaimer: This is just for fun!)


The do’s and don’ts this week and Overachiever’s supreme interpretation:


January 6, Sunday: – “must purchase”: wow, a legitimate reason to go January sale shopping!

January 7, Monday: – “Don’t visit a patient”: beware of catching germs today!


January 8, Tuesday: – “Hanging a plaque”: time to get em up! Whatever you have to be proud of; hang it on your wall! Never hide your accomplishments.


January 9, Wednesday: “First manicure/pedicure for a newborn”: well, ok?


January 10, Thursday: “Worship gods or ancestors”: visit a shrine, or visit your grandparents


January 11, Friday: “Funeral”: the funeral of your enemies is today


January 12, Saturday:Don’t repair house”: just relax today – a good excuse for not tidying up! It would give you bad energy to fix anything around the house today.


(Calendar source:


THE BIG DAY – A selection of special days to look out for

(Bipasha Basu. Photo: IMDb)  (Kim Jong-Un. Photo: The New Yorker)  (Hyolyn. Photo: Bazaar)



(Bipasha Basu. Photo: IMDb)  (Kim Jong-Un. Photo: The New Yorker)  (Hyolyn. Photo: Bazaar)

January 6th  

  • Birthday of Hong Kong actress, Bernice Liu
  • Laos: Pathet Lao Day


January 7

  • Birthdays:
    • Indian actress Supriya Pathak
    • 40th birthday of Indian model, Bipasha Basu!
  • Cambodia: Victory from Genocide Day


January 8th

  • Kim Jong Un’s birthday


January 9th

  • Birthday:
    • Farah Khan: She is an Indian film director and choreographer
    • Japanese actress Mao Inoue’s birthday!
    • Filipina actress Melissa Ricks’s birthday!
  • Philippines: Black Nazarene (Manila)


January 10th

  • Birthdays:
    • South Korean actress Son Ye-jin
    • Japanese singer Rie fu
    • South Korean singer & actress, Hyolyn!
  • Japan: Kagami Biraki




Jan 5 – Feb 1:

2019 AFC Asian Cup – Every four years this epic, Asian football cup takes place; this year, the host country is United Arab Emirates!

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