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The Week In Review


Your weekly fix of what’s brewing in the culture. We’ve rounded up our favorite events in pop-culture and entertainment of the past week, especially for you – enjoy!




The Lunar ‘scope – Your golden-red horoscope!!

Last week of the year edition!


(Disclaimer: This is just for fun!)

The do’s and don’ts this week and Overachiever’s supreme interpretation:

December 30, Sunday: – ‘nothing holdin’ you back’: nothing you cannot do today! Let loose and remove any worry for your mind for one day, before that last day of the year. Do what you feel like and not what you should.

December 31, Monday: – ‘Don’t open business’: leave all new beginnings for tomorrow.


January 1, Tuesday: ‘Don’t have a wedding’: today’s not the time to seal the deal.


January 2, Wednesday: ‘Traveling’: time to travel well into the new year.


January 3, Thursday: ‘Avoid doing anything’: yes


January 4, Friday: ‘Buying pets’: even more yes!


January 5, Saturday:Day of slight cold’: the great winter cold will start now (in the Northern hemisphere)


(Calendar source:


The Big Day – A selection of special days to look out for


December 30th

– Philippines: Rizal day!  


December 31st

– Chinese actress Nina Li Chi’s birthday

– Psy’s birthday

– New year’s eve


January 1st

–  Hong Kong singer Paula Tsui’s birthday

– New year’s day


January 3rd

– Chinese actress Joan Chen’s birthday

– birthday of Savitribai Jyotirao Phule, Indian social reformer, educationalist and poet


January 5th – Birthday of South Korean actress Yoon So-yi




December 29th-31st – Sunburn Festival  Pune, India


Making a Scene – Music news of the week


This week’s music news  unavoidingly touches on the guy we hate to have on our lips constantly; yes, Lil Pump. The reason this famous Soundcloud rapper has made it into this week’s scene; it has everything to do with this video which sparked backflash and debate on social media. Lil Pump recently enraged [former] Asian fans with this video including the racist lyrics “…they call me Yao Ming ‘cuz my eyes real low (ching-chong)”, all whilst pulling back his eyes in a classic mocking face. Check out a snippet of the video here:


Ariana Grande has also met critique online since her new single “Imagine” came out — it features a cover with 想象 (meaning imagine) written across in Chinese. This has made many online activists call her our for exploiting Asian culture as ‘aesthetics’. Your take on this?


Beauty Boss – Reshaping perspectives


Our Highlighter Of The Week:

Scarlett Halo is if anyone reshaping not only beauty standards, but also our usual view on stereotypical, Asian bodies. She is an absolute queen in our book, as she proves all bodies are beautiful and are ti be resoected; and furthermore that indeed #asiangotcurves.


See more amazing, Asian beauties in our Model Minority section!


Œuvre Achiever


Asian arts hooray! In the arts world, Asian artists have long been among the most talented and innovative, yet they sometimes lack the push and representation that they deserve. The Artling is an amazing platform for showcasing and auctioning the finest art in all shapes and forms, created by British-Asian artists. Securing astonishing funding, the curated arts site is set to trailblaze Asian arts dealing. Check out their absolutely lavish furniture section, and dream away in your ultimate castle decorated by amazing Asian art pieces!


Send us your suggestions and stories – send suggestions, stories and opinions to Overachiever’s inbox at subject ‘Week in Review – suggestion/opinion’. Let us know what to write about, what you like and don’t like – the best contributions will be featured on our instagram page: @overachievermagazine for people to vote on!


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