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Your weekly fix of what’s brewing in the culture. We’ve rounded up our favorite events in pop-culture and entertainment of the past week, especially for you – enjoy!





This year’s miss universe has generated several headlines relating to some of our lovely Asian sisters! Some were less popular than others… read about them below:

Miss Philippines wins Miss Universe 2019

Miss America receives backlash over racist remarks about miss Vietnam

Does Miss America think the only legitimate language is English?


The Lunar ‘scope – Your golden-red horoscope!!

(Disclaimer: This is just for fun!)


The do’s and don’ts this week and Overachiever’s supreme interpretation:


December 23, Sunday: – ‘Housecleaning’ Time to clean up again… something we are often told we apparently are especially good at as Asian women.

December 24, Monday:  ‘Signing a contract’ – Been stuck on a decision to join a team or a project lately? Take it! Things will work out the way they are meant to.


December 25, Tuesday: ‘Worship Gods or ancestors’ – This may be a good time to take a break, reflect over what life has given you lately and how you have reacted to certain events. Feel grateful – but remember improvement can always be made.


December 26, Wednesday: ‘Taking office’ – you are about to get a new job, or you are becoming concerned with issues you never gave much thought before. Times to take matters in a public setting?


December 27, Thursday: ‘Don’t open business’ – Don’t serve all of you to them! Someone wants something from you, but do not give it to them.


December 28, Friday: ‘Avoiding doing anything’ – We like this one… time to snuggle up and do nothing else but read Overachiever mag with a nice hot cup of [insert fave drink].


December 29, Saturday:Don’t see a doctor’ – if you have an appointment with someone familiar to you or a professional, you may want to consider rescheduling… today is not your day for this.


(Calendar source:


The Big Day – A selection of special days to look out for

December 23rd – Hanukkah starts


December 24th – Emperor’s birthday, Japan


December 24th – Christmas Eve


December 25th – Christmas Day


December 25th – Birthday of South Korean actress, Uhm Ji-Won


December 25th – In Pakistan it is Quaid-e-Azam’s Day, and in the Republic of China (Taiwan), Constitution Day


December 27th – Japanese singer, Fumiko Orikasa’s birthdsy


December 28th – Birthday of Korean pop singer, Narsha


December 29thHoly Innocents




December 29th-31st – Sunburn Festival  Pune, India: look out for this fun and vibrant music festival going down right before NYE.


Making a Scene – Music news of the week


Make it Rain Gurl

We are crazy about Yaeji, who is the latest power girl in the music game, representing the many-faceted face of an Asian gurl! She started gaining traction in Northern America last year with her catchy song raingurl and is now affiliated with massive pop culture machine 88rising. She became an international mainstay in 2018 at hipster techo fests, and we only expect to see her propel further!

Yaeji’s music is characterized by chilled out beats, Korean lyrics, and alluding to social issues and beauty standards elegantly in her lyrics.


Beauty Boss – Reshaping perspectives

Our Highlighter Of The Week is miss SOHYUN JUNG! As always with our amazing highlighters, these women are known to push the boundaries of the fashion industry, and test the limits of current beauty standards. Sohyun goes the big shows like Givenchy and Alexander Wang, and has recently been one of the poster girls for the latter’s hyped up collab with Japanese basic fashion brand, Uniqlo. Check out her hyper-cool images on Instagram, and let us know what you think about her style in the comments below!


See more amazing, Asian beauties in our Model Minority section!




Introducing our new, periodic section, Historical!, and staying in the vein of this issue’s theme, beauty: We’re moving to an ingenious marketing move from one of China’s most famous cultural heritage spots, the Forbidden City. The historical site launched a full-blown makeup line last week – and the Chinese consumers are loving it. The line was sold out shortly. Some have said it is but a typically creative way of pushing merchandise, but certain aspects make thought of the Chinese Regime’s push for cultural and national ties to strengthen within the Chinese population. Check out for example this video of artefacts dancing in Tik Tok – yes, artefacts.

Is this too far? Would you consider buying makeup branded by your favorite tourist site? Ring off below!!


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