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A Normal Routine

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By: Shaili Champ
Using fair and lovely was a normal routine
shower, wash face, use fair and lovely
as a kid, I loved the rosey smell of the soft velvety cream
I got a bit older and REALLY noticed the face on the bottle that turned brown to white
this cream makes my skin light?
because I am too dark and I need to be more fair… to be lovely.
thats what the media tells me
thats what the lack of lead dark skin women in tv shows tell me
thats what makeup with 50 shades of white…& only 3 shades of brown tells me
thats what the colour “nude” being a light beige tells me
thats what the eurocentric standard of beauty tells me
thats what The line “oh you’re so pretty for a brown girl..” tells me 
my friends jokingly say I’m a coconut
brown on the outside and
vanilla white on the inside
but…I thought we were all the same on the inside? 
wait, your you’re right.
white is probably better
why wudnt u want to be white?
why wudnt u wana live a day in the life
of having any kind of privilege you like?
of seeing your race widely represented in music, film & TV
of looking trendy accessorizing parts of a culture you’ve oppressed 
of learning about your own history in school as part of the normal curriculum
of not being constantly reminded of your skin color
of never having to speak on behalf of your entire race
of not having to worry about being followed around when you go shopping
of never being labelled a terrorist even if you kill 6 people at a place of worship
as you pay hundreds to obtain OUR golden sun kissed glow,
my coloured people pay billions to whiten our skin,
a tradition passed on to our kin ,
and I can’t even begin to tell you,
how using fair and lovely became a normal routine.
shower, wash face, use fair and lovely.
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