The Week In Review: December 15-December 22

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The Week In Review


Your weekly fix of what’s brewing in the culture. We’ve rounded up our favorite events in pop-culture and entertainment of the past week, especially for you – enjoy!




Huawei CFO arrested! – The past couple of days, Chinese CEO for Huawei, Meng Wanzhou has been arrested and released again in Vancouver, BC. She had allegedly led US financial institutions into breaking their international sanctions – read all about the complicated case here. She has since been released from custody, following that the Chinese government referred to the detention as against ‘human rights’


First Asian Golden Globe Nominee In Decades!  – Constance Wu has been nominated for her role in the Crazy Rich Asians movie, the box office mega-hit of summer 2018. The nomination will be the first one in 44 years for an Asian actress! The last woman of Asian descent to be nominated for the prize was the Irish-Japanese Yvonne Ellisman, for her role in “Jesus Christ Superstar”.


The Transgender Angel – a few days ago, Nikita Dragun clapped back at Victoria’s Secret after celebrities slammed their lack of inclusivity following a comment from VS’s marketing officer suggesting that trans women cannot sell their ‘fantasy’. Check out Nikita’s video response here. What do you think about Victoria’s Secret and the standards they set for women?


The Lunar ‘scope

How to be successful with Overachiever!


(Disclaimer: This is just for fun!)


Look into your future and harness your luck by following our recommendations:


December 16, Sunday: ‘Demolish wall and worship Gods’ – Time to examine the road blocks you put in front of yourself in life. What’s holding you back? Demolish that wall of doubt! You can literally do anything you set your mind to, so first, remove the wall between you and believing – worship the spirits within yourself, and let them dictate what you want in life – no one else!


December 17, Monday:  ‘Hunting’ – Time to hunt down your dreams. Set this day aside for working focused on a project of yours, no excuses!


December 18, Tuesday: ‘Seeing a doctor’ – A perfect occasion to schedule that appointment you always put off – go to the doctor’s office and get yourself checked, and even better, consider ditching those hormonal birth control pills for a safe, hormone free IUD (for our girls in the relevant age range)!


December 19, Wednesday. ‘House cleaning’ – we all dread this… But at least you’ll have great luck if you do it today!!


December 20, Thursday: ‘Retirement’ – Consider retiring one of the projects or sports you participate in. Your mental health in the long run will thank you for creating more space for YOU, and you end up being more successful than otherwise.


December 21, Friday: ‘Coming-of-age ceremony’ -A great day to arrange/attend ceremonies


December 22, Saturday:Do not build a ship’ – Don’t initiate new relationships on this date, be it friendship or romantic interest. Wait and assess them further before committing. And when in doubt, remember: you’re too good for them!

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The Big Day 

A selection of special days to look out for


December 16th – Dhanu Sankranti, Hindu holiday  | Victory Day, India & Bangladesh


December 17th – Bhutan National Day


December 18th – Geeta Jayanti


December 18th – Birthday of Japanese actress Esumi Makiko


December 18th – Birthday of Japanese singer Ayaka


December 19th – India: Liberation day of Goa


December 19th – Park Geun-hue became the first female president of South Korea


December 20th – Taiwanese acttress Patty Hou Pei Chen turns 40


December 20th – Macau Special Administrative Region Establishment Day in China


December 20th – Myanmar: Bo Aung Kyaw Day


December 21st – Birthday of Filipina actress Valerie Concepcio


December 21st – Philippines: Armed Forces Day




December 10th-20th – WPA World 9-Ball Championship in Doha, Qatar


December 11th-16th – FINA World Swimming Championships in Hangzhou, China


December 12th-22nd – Fifa World Cup in United Arab Emirates – Time to watch some sweaty honks run amuk after a tiny ball!


Oeuvre Achiever

The art of overachieving


If meme-making were art – then it is apparently one big enough to make it to the New York Times. The wildly popular page Subtle Asian Traits is featured, and a story is brought about how these Asian-Australian teens created a community of understanding in a world of online meme-tertainment lacking a truly solid, Asian base. Check out Subtle Asian Traits’ facebook group if you are not already a part of it! What do you think of these meme communities? Is having fun enough, or do we also need to create serious awareness around the ‘subtle traits’ of being treated differently as Asians in a Western dominated society? Let us know in the comments or in our inbox:


Making a Scene 

Music news of the week


Twitch icon lady – Introducing JVNA (pronounced Jana) a rising electronic music artist. With mer many instagram fans, she shared news about her music career as well as announcements for her popular Twitch live sessions (where she showcases new DJ sets, new music and more!).

Check out her music on YouTube or any streaming service under the artist name JVNA.


Is that Beyoncé? – Yes, it is! Girls around the world marvelled at what must be everyone’s dream wedding ceremony – with Beyoncé as a performing musical guest. Check out the absolutely stunning pre-wedding show here. Let us know who you would have to perform at your dream wedding! Alternatively, tell us why you do not want to get married and why – we’d love to hear your stories, as they are the ones that inspire and make us feel heard. (scroll down for instructions)


Beauty Boss 

Reshaping perspectives


Who needs norms? – Not Asianna Scott! The groundbreaking rising star and model has come a long way – taking part in Fenty Beauty campaigns and adorning runways in all her androgynous beauty! Unfortunately, Asianna’s instagram got deleted, but you can see her photos here and support her in regaining her exposure.

Check out this kick*ss Manrepeller interview  with Asianna to learn a bit more about the beautiful model.


Also, check out the Model Minority section to see more amazing, Asian beauties!

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