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The Week In Review


Your weekly fix of what’s brewing in the culture. We’ve rounded up our favorite events, people and brands here at the Overachiever staff for you to enjoy!


This week an online magazine has lashed a few of our favorite Asian women – HARD! Check out these articles:

Priyanka Chopra isn’t worthy of Nick Jonas

Jameela Jamil wants too much good for women

What’s your opinion?


The Lunar ‘scope – Your golden-red horoscope!

(Disclaimer: This is just for fun!)

The do’s and don’ts this week and Overachiever’s supreme interpretation:

Current year: Year Of The Dog

Time to make some changes to your own humble abode this Sunday for some serious good luck! Here are some crucial do’s and don’ts you should remember when renovating:

December 9, Sunday: ‘Renovate house!’ – do with this information what you want…:

Dos: blocking rat/ant hole, installing a door, installing the girder, laying the foundation stone, moving house, repairing a wall. Don’ts: consecrating Buddhist statues, digging a well, installing the bed.

The rest of the week looks more simple, and although we are ALL for kick-ass female entrepreneurs at Overachiever, we regret to inform you that you probably should avoid opening up shop this week!

December 10, Monday:  ‘Train your oxens!’ – hold your horses! Time to bring out the big guns and work on your mental and physical strength –  I run like a girl? Well try to keep up!

December 11, Tuesday: ‘Buying pets!’ – time to buy or persuade your parents for that cute puppy (refer to this article to better your argument)

December 12, Wednesday. ‘Don’t open business!’ – sorry, girls, not today

December 13, Thursday: ‘Paving roads!’ – pave your own road to succes! What does your ideal future look like?

December 13, Friday: ‘Don’t open business!’ – no, not even a lemonade stand

December 14, Saturday: ‘Do move house‘ – a house is not a home if it doesn’t have genuine love. Time to consider cutting on some fake friends and moving on to something better.


Calendar source:


The Big Day – A selection of special days to look out for

December 4 Cheng Pei Pei birthday

Cheng Pei Pei is a Chinese actress whose roles in Come Drink With Me and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon have propelled her to superstardom. She is turning 72

December 4 Jaclyn Victor birthday

Jaclyn Victor is a Malaysian singer who won the first ever Malaysian Idol. She is turning 40.

December 4 Navy Day in India

Navy Day celebrates the achievements and the role of the Naval Forces in India

December 5 Kwon Yu-ri birthday

Kwon Yu-ri is a South Korean singer and actress, who debuted in the K-Pop group Girls’ Generation. She is turning 29.

December 5 Thailand’s National Day

A day that commemorates the announcement of the first permanent constitution in 1932

December 7 Ayako Fujitani birthday

Ayako Fujitani is a Japanese writer and actress. She is turning 39.

December 8 Sharmila Tagore birthday

Sharmila Tagore is an Indian actress known for her work in both Hindi and Bengali films. She is turning 73.

December 8 Carina Lau birthday

Carina Lau is a Hong Kong actress and singer, most active in the 1980s. She is turning 52.


Oeuvre Achiever – The art of overachieving

Transforming Jewelry

This week we put a focus on Asian artist on the rise, Ada Chen, who is transforming the traditional notions of jewelry in regards of function and material. Her amazing pieces range from a silver Chinese slippers to a cast soup bowl to earrings with racists and ignorant messages hanging from them. Check out a showcase of her incredible and creative pieces on her instagram page.


Making a Scene – Music news of the week

Kris Wu vs. Ariana Grande: feud, fraud, discrimination?

In this week’s scene we take a look back on one of the biggest feuds on the international scene involving an Asian music star. Chinese mega star Kris Wu has been accused of using bots to game his iTunes chart results upon the release of his debut album. This sent many Grande fans into a frenzy, feeling every kind of hurt that an ‘unknown’ artist had stolen all the top spots in the US iTunes store. The rumors have since been denounced, which left some fans of Wu enraged over the seeming discrimination of the vast efforts to discredit Wu from the mainstream US media’s side, without even looking into his artistry and world wide popularity.

What do you guys think of the small feud? Was racism at play, or was it all just a big misunderstanding?


Beauty Boss – Reshaping perspectives

The Milky Way

We know that most of you probably know Milk makeup brand, but we wanted to highlight the revolutionary brand in our first weekly Beauty Boss! Milk makeup focuses on the individual beauty of all its users, and really has a thing for product on stick. Check out their quirky and fun videos to get a taste of Milk’s unique brand.


[HIGHLIGHTER of the week]: A darling here at the magazine, Jameela Jamil has already proven you can break boundaries and take names all the while remaining an absolute beauty queen. Check out all her activism related work on the instagram page for I Weigh, and get an airtight 10-minute makeup routine from the guru herself.


For more amazing Asian beauties, check out our Model Minority section right here.

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