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Poetry Roundup

Reality- Anushka Natalie Masilamani


We’re raised according to the rules of society.

It’s always about their idea of perfect.

In the end, we’re stripped of our identity.

Seldom are we taught to think for ourselves.

Seldom do we let ourselves be  what we really are.


We take ourselves too seriously.

Don’t we?

Too harsh.

Too rude.

Would it hurt to be nice to our poor selves ?

We learn to show kindness to the whole damn world.

But never to ourselves.

One day we’ll learn,

That bullying ourselves is all in vain. Undoubtedly,

We are our greatest enemy.


So. Today. I’d like to say this.

This is what I am.

My raw form of existence,

With all my pain, flaws and imperfections.

Take me as I am.

Don’t you dare coat me with lies.

Don’t cover up my flaws, or my imperfections.

Because that’s what makes me real.

That’s what sets me apart;

That’s what makes me human.


Haiku- Anonymous


It is not a country

A place that has diversity

A place we call home


Forget about them, just focus on me- Renata Shah


You told me:

Do whatever you want

Just don’t get caught.


Remember the time

When we almost got lost

Running through the streets

On four bare feet.


You told me:

Forget about them

Just focus on me

Whatever you want

Is whatever you’ll be.


Oh, I wish I’d known

That you didn’t know me

After we fought

Stomach turned to knots


Threw a verbal blow

You turned a cold shoulder

All we said was no,

But we’re getting older.


And then you told me:

Go back home

Forget about me

Remember our time

Think of-it nightly

But for now, I’ll lay it to sleep

You’re a great girl, not right for me.

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