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Poetry Spotlight: Jessie Jing

This issue’s spotlight is on the Jessie Jing, a poet and dancer who is originally from Hong Kong


A brief introduction by Jessie: I have been writing for a considerable amount of time. I’ve always wrote a diary as a young child, that then morphed into writing lyrics in my teenage years as I started seeking for a more complex and artistic form of self-expression. It then diverged into poetry writing, and until today I still write my poetry with and emphasis of rhythm and melody in my mind.

Here are four poems by Jessie:

A Friend in Passion

I once thought passion
To be passionate
Meant this explosion of emotions This explosiveness
This unwillingness to give up
The sweat
The tears
That came with all the successes To reach these great heights
To then validate my existence Partly so
Similar to that of a rival
That push and pull
My friend
Is also one

One who encourages you everyday Each and every step along the way Celebrating the new things in life The small things

A grin
A wink
That came from overcoming these failures So to live on another day
To live in one
Passion and existence
My friend.

Dance of the Kitesurfer

Several pliés in the air
Following the melody of the wind. Each wave is their beat, to prepare For the moment of magic within.

The music composed by the crashing of waves With the rhythm of the wind on their face.
The spotlight shining down from the sun’s rays Their five senses alive and embraced.

A jump, a glide, a touch of the water
A speed unprecedented but controlled.
For this is the dance of the graceful kitesurfer Through the eyes of a dancer it was told.

Before I Sleep

Before I sleep

Herein lay a million thoughts On those not-so-soft pillows They were splayed across.

Before I sleep

A mental picture etched into my memory Of the blank, beige ceiling
And pale orange drapery.

Before I sleep

Those soft, low stirs Encasing the bedroom, Like a second ticking clock.

Before I sleep

Present yet dormant
This empty scent that lingered My nightfall oxygen.

Before I sleep

A creeping warmth there was Just by the other side
So near to my heart.

Before I sleep

Eventually came my final thought

I love you

And all went dark. *

A Heart Haunted

One may ask
Do you still love him
As your thoughts run
And run
Towards a finish line that never existed How could the love then cease to exist When a mirage of him
Haunts the corners of your eye.

One may say
You still have feelings for him
For even a sliver of resemblance of the past Easily trembles my heart
As I run from my thoughts
And run
Far away from my living memory
Of what resides as a spectre of him Haunting the corners of my eye.

Jessie, on what she’d like to see Overachiever magazine accomplish:

I would like to see more visibility of Asian artists and their writings/artworks; their artistic perspectives and cultural knowledge (both past and present). There are only a handful of Asian artists that had reach international commercial success, and it would be great to have a platform that would continually support Asian artists on starting/middle level stages. We need a place to cultivate and restore our cultural history to the modern generation, in hopes that it can maintain the integrity of our cultural identity.

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