The First Issue

A Paradigm Shift in Events

Supriya Ranga introduces the world to her new business

As a female event manager and wedding planner in India, I have encountered my fair share of discrimination. This came mostly in the form of micro-aggressions such as menacing bosses, arrogant co-workers, and rude, uncalled for comments from almost everyone I came across. But I was determined to triumph through this. I stayed quiet, for a long time. Watching and learning everything in the background. I gathered as much knowledge as I could, and then, after ignoring every terrible thing I heard, I realized that my experience was not unique. My company didn’t want me to flourish, they wanted to keep me exactly where I was. That’s not to say my company wanted to keep everyone down, or even every woman down- the problem was absence of respect for each other.

A good friend of mine who works in PR set out with me to end this problem. We came up with an interesting concept for wedding planners and events managers all over the globe: not just for large corporations, but for anyone who thinks big, but doesn’t know where to start.
We call this a Plug and Play Event Service. We empower employees by training them properly, and helping them to learn and understand what field of event planning they would fit best into, with their unique set of skills, and see if they will help that department of your company grow. If employees are better suited to their jobs, and help facilitate growth, it will lead to better relations between employers and employees. Let me break down how it all works.
We will make sure that your event company has the right partners and equipment for you to flourish and sustain in the market. We will provide you with services that will help you build your brand. For any service that an event manager would require (Conceptualizing to Post production) you can count on us to take care of it, and another plus is that it won’t tie you down with bonds or unnecessary strings. It’s a win-win! Other services will also include:
1.  Empowering your employees
2. Educating your base
3. Teaching technology usage and safety techniques
4. Assisting you in building your brand by providing required services
We want every company to take this concept, break it down, and apply it where it’s necessary. The main aim of starting this is to encourage the right way of doing events, to bring a change in the system itself.
Plug and Play aims to encourage a change in the system itself by bringing about a change in the way we, as companies, operate.
Come make a change with us
Supriya Ranga, in her own words: I’m pursuing my passion for parties by being a professional events planner. I also love hip-hop dancing, anime, and cannot live without wearing bindis!

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